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Laravel Package

Since you asked...

Why should I use App:keep, when I can use X ?

App:keep sets itself apart by providing you a toolkit designed specifically with the Laravel framework in mind.

Who's behind this?

App:keep is created by Swiftmade OÜ. We are based in Tallinn, Estonia and a proud member of the Startup Estonia program.

Can I trust App:keep's Laravel package?

Our composer package is open source and available on Github. Feel free to inspect it as thoroughly as you’d like to before you install it.

Do you need SSH access to my server?

No! We don’t need access to your server.

By installing our Laravel package, you activate a scheduled command that runs checks and posts the results to App:keep servers. This means that, you don’t need to give us SSH access, and everything still works fine even if your server is running inside a private network.

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