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Incident level shows you how serious the problem is.

⚠️ Warning

Your application is not down, but you might want to fix this soon. This will help you avoid downtime and security/performance related issues.

🚨 Failure

This is the highest level of incident. Your application is completely or partially down due to this incident.


How can I resolve an incident?

You cannot manually mark incidents as resolved. The incidents are resolved automatically the next time when the check runs successfully. The uptime incidents are resolved when the monitored url comes back online. The application checks are resolved when the same check runs again successfully.

If it's a less frequent check (e.g. weekly) and it's fixed, you can avoid waiting for the next run to resolve the issue. Use this command to force all of your checks to run immediately:

php appkeep:run --all

Why is my project badge not green, even if my website is up?

You have a failing check. To get back to green, you need to resolve the issue.