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Uptime monitoring

To start monitoring uptime, go to your project details page > "new monitor" and fill out the form. Here's how our uptime monitoring works.

How it works?

App:keep servers will ping your monitored URLs every 5 minutes.

If the response code is 4xx or 5xx, we'll check it again in a minute. If it's still down, that will trigger a downtime incident. At this point, you will receive an alert from us.

Uptime rate

To find out the uptime rate of a monitored URL, we use the following formula:

total downtime in minutes / minutes since the monitor is created

Certificate checks

You don't need to do anything extra to enable certificate checks. If the URL you monitor starts with https, App:keep will monitor the SSL certificate as well. It can alert you when your certificate has expired or is invalid.

Certificate checks for the same domain name are merged together to prevent sending you duplicate alerts.

Performance monitoring

When you set up a monitor, you also get performance monitoring out of the box. App:keep will measure the following metrics for each request:

  • DNS Lookup time
  • TCP Connection time
  • SSL Handshake time
  • Server Response time
  • Download time
  • Total time

We currently don't send performance alerts, but plan to do so in the future.

Average response time

In your project details page, you will see an average response time for each monitor. This reflects the average time your server takes to process a request and start sending back a response.


Performance metrics go back to a month ago. In addition, we compress them according to the following table:

TodayNo compression
This weekHourly