Run Laravel in production
with confidence.

A complete toolkit to monitor HTTP responses, server health, queue workers, scheduled commands and more. No server access required.

Uptime monitoring

Monitor all of your critical pages and endpoints. We'll ping them periodically and look for a 2xx response. You can customize the HTTP request, and look for keywords in the response.

If applicable, we also validate your SSL certificate. We can notify you when it's about to expire, or alert you when it's invalid.

Health Checks

Even when your site is up, there might be bubbling issues under the surface. Our Laravel client package provides a set of health checks to discover those and alert you.

Watch your database connection, CPU load, disk usage, detect misconfiguration (such as forgetting the debug mode on).

Smart Notifications

Whenever there's a problem, you'll be instantly notified via email or Slack. You can configure different recipients or Slack channels per project, so the notifications always reach the right people.

App:keep will group notifications from the same project together. By showing you all of the problems in one place, we help you quickly figure out the culprit.

Join the private beta

App:keep is currently in private beta. Join the waiting list to be one of the first users to try out App:keep 🎉